Silver: $24.23/t oz Gold: $1779.3/t oz Platinum: $1070/t oz Palladium: $2551/t oz Copper: $0.295338/t oz Nickel: $0.588078/t oz

Pricing from Quandl by Nasdaq. Updated M-F, prices are in troy ounces.

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About CoinMeltPrice

CoinMeltPrice is designed to be a tool that is a quick reference for the melt prices of all different types of coins in an easy-to-navigate, simple interface. In addition to having the core U.S. silver coins, there are large sections devoted to U.S. gold, base metals, world silver, and world gold. Longer term, there will be a lot of informative articles also located on this site as well as other features. Prices are updated at market open and close, instead of relying on futures pricing. The website is owned by Christian from Treasure Town, and was developed and constructed in 2021 by Christian Hartch and Jonas Denenberg. Any suggestions or comments are welcomed.